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Special Educational Needs and Inclusion at Hague

Hague School is inclusive of all children.
There are times when some children need additional support during their school life. Through our mainstream teaching provision, with assistance from parents/carers, outside agencies and local special schools, we endeavour to identify a child's particular needs, so that learning support can be planned when appropriate.
We promote inclusive behaviour, language and attitudes.  We encourage and support children to succeed in their learning, to develop their confidence, self-esteem and future aspirations. We want children to be aware of their own needs whilst also being respectful and understanding the needs of other children. 
We are ambitious for all children including those with additional learning needs. Pupils are supported to attain the highest levels of achievement and make at least good rates of progress. 
The school has a deaf resource base (DRB) for up to 16 deaf and partially hearing pupils.

We offer specialist learning support for pupils in  Nursery to Year 6 for children whose levels of hearing allow them to access an auditory aural mainstream provision. The Deaf Resource Base is an asset to the whole school – it makes us more aware of communication barriers to learning and the importance of inclusion for all.  

The DRB is led and managed by qualified Teachers of the Deaf. They are experienced, specialist class teachers who support inclusive class practice for children with moderate to severe hearing loss. Pupils with a range of hearing losses are helped to develop their language skills to make progress in their social and emotional development. This accelerates confidence to learn and academic progress. 

We have links with many professional agencies for support with audiology and other hearing related needs. Speech and language therapists work with learning support staff, the pupils and their families.

Inclusion for Disabled Pupils

  1. If a child has a special need or disability they will be treated no less favourably than other children. We will make reasonable adjustments to ensure that pupils are not placed at a substantial disadvantage.

  2. Our Accessibility Plan describes the arrangements we have already made to accommodate those with additional needs and identifies how we can work to refine our provision, for example our classrooms are acoustically adapted to the needs of deaf and partially hearing children.

  3. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that people with disability are not treated differently without lawful justification. We aim to make reasonable adjustments for disabled pupils. We know we have succeeded, when our disabled pupils are participating fully in school life.


If your child has additional learning needs or a disability it is helpful to fully inform the school of the exact nature so that we can plan to effectively meet the needs of the child allowing them to access the curriculum and life of the school.  Our aim is for all children to have access to all aspects of school life as far as reasonable and practicable.


Our Victorian building was not designed for wheelchair or disabled access, but we recognise that not all disabled children have restricted mobility.  We recommend parents whose children have Special Educational Needs and or disabilities should meet with the Head of School, Inclusion Manager or Teachers of the Deaf to discuss their application to the school.

Alice MacFarlane

SHH Federation Assistant Headteacher for SEND & Inclusion 

Hague Primary School 

0207 739 9574 

Kelly Hitchins

Qualified Teacher of the Deaf

Hague School DRB

0207 739 9574

Kyrie Clarke

Qualified Teacher of the Deaf

Hague School DRB

0207 739 9574

To read Hague's SEN/D Offer, click here.


To read Hague's Deaf Provision Guidelines click here.


Tower Hamlets Local Offer, click here.For information about how the local authority can support children with special educational needs or disabilities

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