Assessment is a continuous process that takes place in all areas of school life. Through on going assessment we hope to build a picture of pupils’ development not only intellectually but emotionally, socially and physically.


Assessment can take many forms.  From Nursery to Year 6 we assess through discussion and observation as well as more formal testing procedures.


Throughout the year teachers continually track children's progress against National Curriculum statements in English, Maths and Science to ensure they are on track to meet age related expectations at the end of each year. This tracking is used to plan lessons and set targets for pupils which parents will be able to discuss with teachers at each termly parent's evening. 


Formal assessment is carried out against national standards once per year in May/June.


Parents will receive information about the results of these tests as part of the Annual School Report in July.


Nursery: Snap Shot data on starting school followed by 7 week Snap Shot.


Reception: Early Years Profile of progress and attainment against Early Learning Goals.


Year 1:  Phonics Assessment


Year 2:  At the end of Key Stage 1 (age 7) pupils have Teacher Assessments. Reading Comprehension, Writing, Spelling, Maths. Please watch the video on the right to find out more about the tests year 2 will be sitting in the summer term. 



Years 3-5:  Optional tests & Teacher Assessments of independent work.  Reading comprehension, Wriiting and Maths


Year 6:  At the end of Key stage 2 (age 11) pupils are required to undertake statutory Standardised Assessment Tests (SATS) in English Reading Comprehension,  Grammar, Punctuation and Spelliing plus Maths.

Please watch the video on the right to find out more about the tests year 6 will be sitting in May.  


If you have any questions about assessment or your child's progress please speak to a member of staff. 


National Tests & Assessments