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Use these games to improve your maths skills. 

Number Bonds

Can you find the missing part of the pipe to make it 10 sections long? 

You can also change the target to practice number bonds to 9, 8, 7, etc

Practice number bonds to 20.


Can you choose the mummy with the correct answer to make the mummy dance? 

Race against the clock to make any total you like. Try practicing your number bonds to 100.

Telling the time

In this game aimed at KS1 you have to help Max and Molly to fix the tower clock by answering time questions. Some are quite easy, just matching the o'clock time to a digital clock. Other questions are harder, such as "What time will it be in 11 hours?" There are three different levels. 

Click the grandfather clock which matches the time shown. If you get it right the mouse will run up and eat the cheese, but if you get it wrong the cat will catch the mouse. Includes o'clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past times. ICT Games.

Match analogue and digital times - o clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. 

Match digital and analogue times to the nearest 5 minutes. 

Match digital and analogue times. 

Times to the nearest minute - expected standard for end of year 3. 

Times Tables

Beat the clock practicing times tables, number bonds or doubling and halving. 

Try division facts or subtraction facts. 


Practice your times tables by choosing instruments and joining in with the times tables chants. 

Try different levels to practice 2, 5 and 110 times tables. 

Choose a times table you would like to practice.

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