The Pupil Premium is additional funding given to schools so that they can support their disadvantaged pupils and close the attainment gap between them and their peers. 


Pupil Premium Funding at Hague

2016-2017 - £118,921 increased to £130,680

2015-2016 - £137, 032

2014-2015 - £135,200


This money is allocated to schools based on the number of pupils who are eligible for Free School Meals (FSM). Families must register their eligibility in order for schools to receive this important element of the school budget. 


From September 2014 Tower Hamlets Council has pledged that all pupils from Reception to Year 6 regardless of income will automatically be given a free school meal. 


If you think your child/ren are eligible for Pupil Premium Funding (£1320 per child) because of your family’s income level or you are in receipt of benefits, please contact the school office (in confidence) to register them. Even if you do not wish for them to have the meals, preferring packed lunch, registering means the school can claim extra money that will be used to support your child's learning.


The governors’ Pupil Premium Policy click here.


Pupil Premium Spending Plan and evaluation of 2015-2016



Pupil Premium Statement 2014-15


  • Small Focus Teaching Groups for Maths/English Y6 catch up & Interventions                                                                                           £15,000 

  • After School & Easter Study Support Y2 & Y6 support                          £4,625                                          

  • Y3/Y4 Reading , Writing & Maths Focus intervention & Catch up        £8,000                         

  • Phonics & Guided Reading Coaching for teaching of Literacy  EYFS/KS1 focus. TAs reading support interventions                                                 £8,000                                                                                        

  • RWI Literacy & Language, Spelling  Scheme                                             £5,300                               

  • EYFS-Y2 ‘Catch-up’ Sessions 1:1 or small group                                       £9,000

  • Improve marking and feedback strategies, teacher/pupil conference for reading, writing and maths including Ipads - 1 per class teacher                                                                                                                                              £8,280

  • Learning Mentor – support for behaviour & attitudes to learning.                         Making the most of enrichment opportunities                              £31,600                                                                                               

  • Part-time Librarian promoting boys reading for pleasure                    £ 9,590

  • THAMES Instrument tuition Y5/Y6                                                             £9,000

  • Attendance & Welfare Support                                                                  £3,075

  • Speech & Language Therapist                                                                  £10,680                                                          

  • Subsidies for Residential & Educational Trips                                         £ 7,000

  • Milk SLA                                                                                                          £ 2 500

  • Parental Engagement Workshops / Literacy and Reading Together   £ 2,025

  • SLT Pupil Progress Meetings /Teacher Parent Meetings                       £5,600                                                                                                    

​                                                                                                   Total Spend £139, 275



Pupil Premium Statement  2013-14


Pupil Premium funding is provided by the government to support pupils coming from deprived backgrounds and enable them to fulfil their potential at school. Hague received £108, 800.


How we spent our Pupil Premium Funding
  • Small Focus Teaching Groups for Literacy & Maths KS2                      £15,480

  • After School & Easter Study Classes                                                          £4,625

  • Coaching for teaching of Literacy                                                               £5,200

  • EYFS-Y2 ‘Catch-up’ Sessions 1:1 or small group                                       £9,000

  • Learning Mentor – support for behaviour & attitudes to learning     £13,905

  • Part-time Librarian promoting reading for pleasure & Research         £9,390

  • Maths & Literacy Text books & teaching resources Y1-Y6                   £15,222

  • THAMES Instrument tuition                                                                         £9,800

  • Attendance & Welfare Support                                                                   £2,925

  • Speech & Language                                                                                      £7,800

  • Subsidies for Residential & Educational Trips                                          £7,313

  • Parental Engagement Workshops / Literacy and Reading Together    £5,000

  • Pupil Progress and Parent Meetings                                                          £3,140


How has the pupil premium helped our pupils?

Hague Primary School is in one of the most deprived boroughs in the country with 56% of our pupils eligible for free school meals. Thanks to this funding we are able to provide a wide range of vital services to support these children and their families. As a result, by the time they leave us, we have completely closed the gap in attainment of our pupils eligible for free school meals and their national peers. 88% of FSM pupils at Hague achieved or surpassed L4 in English and maths combined which is significantly higher than the national average, and higher than the national average for non-PP pupils.


This level of attainment gives Hague’s PP pupils a great start at secondary school.

Pupil Premium