Our maths curriculum includes all the elements of the revised National Curriculum for mathematics and is taught wherever possible through real life contexts or our themed curriculum.  This provides an exciting & interesting context in which to embed learning.  

We have high expectations of our pupils to develop rapid recall and written strategies for problem solving.


At Hague we believe that mathematics is a way of making sense of the world, analysing and communicating information and ideas.

We aim to make maths an enjoyable, stimulating experience; to give children opportunities to take part in mathematics investigations which develop their confidence in themselves as mathematicians.


Using and applying personal maths knowledge through confident ability to question, reason and solve problems is a priority. Being able to use a range of mathematical tools such as mental calculations, pencil and paper methods, shapes, measuring equipment & ICT is important for all.


Early Years Maths

We know that early learning in maths involves lots of play, the use and manipulation of real life objects.  Counting, matching, sequencing looking for patterns helps  children develop mental models & images of how number & shape & space work.


Our calculation policy demonstrates a clear progression from these early experiences through to expanded & eventually shorter, more efficient methods of calculation.


Have a look at our 2015 Calculation Policy.


To find out more about how your child learns maths at school or how you can help, please either speak to their class teacher or contact our Deputy Head who is the Maths Leader of Learning.


Look out for our Parents Information Workshops to support your child with Maths.