I am delighted to share with you the final teacher  aessments and test results for 2017. They represent the hard work of all our pupils who have tried their very best. The commitment  and dedication of our teaching staff is to be commended in supporting the learning. We have much to proud of in the efforts from all to make good rates of progress and achieve their best.


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EYFS Attainment
Year 1 Phonics Screening Test
KS1: Year 2 SATS
KS2: Year 6 SATS
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2016 - 2017 Tests and Assessment Results


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This link gives information about Hague's performance in comparison to other Schools in Tower Hamlets or nationally.


Up until May 2015 Year 6 pupils were assessed using levels. Pupils were expected to achive Level 4+.   Pupils achieving Level 4B or above in reading and maths were said to be 'Secondary Ready.'

The results were then ranked on the average point scores they achieved.


Since 2016 the national assessment tests at the end of KS2 have changed to reflect the expectations of the revised National Curriculum. Children are tested and given a scaled score based on their test scores. The children are either 

  • at the expected standard,

  • working towards the expected standard

  • or exeeding the expected standard.



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