Pupil Support and Pastoral Care

Inclusion – Pupils with Special Educational Needs


Our effective inclusion team is led by the Leader of Learning for Inclusion and Teachers of the Deaf.  Teaching Assistants support the learning needs of all pupils. Some TAs specifically support children with an Education and Health Care Plan.  Support is provided for all to meet the learning and behavioural needs of individuals and small groups.  This is accomplished through working closely with class teachers, teachers of the deaf, parents and outside professionals.


The school maintains a register of Special Educational Needs in accordance with the SEN Code of Practice. Our Inclusion Manager, will always advise parents if we have concerns about any child’s needs and we ask you to tell us if you have any worries about your child.  In consultation with parents Individual Education Plans (IEPs) are reviewed and decisions made regarding special educational provision.


About one third of the children in the school will need extra help with their learning whilst in our school. The London Borough of Tower Hamlets has a central Support for Learning Service which provides additional advice and training to schools.


Details of steps to prevent disabled pupils being treated less favourably than other pupils are contained in the school’s SEND Local offer.

Links with Education, Health and Social Support Services


Termly visits from an Educational Psychologist advise us on children with Special Needs or those who are not making expected levels of progress. The Educational Psychologist also meets parents to discuss the type of help individual children need.


We have regular contact with Social Workers and can put them in contact with you if you require support. If you can benefit from this extended support service please contact either the Head teacher, Inclusion Manager or Learning Mentor who will put you in touch.  We will also ask them to visit you if we are concerned about your child. 


We have positive and effective links with the local G.P’s, CAMHS Team - Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service, and other medical support services like the School Nurse. The school will write letters or make contact on your behalf when possible, please ask for support.

More Able Pupils – Gifted and Talented


It is important to understand what we mean by ‘able, gifted and talented’ pupils.  More able pupils can be described as being of significantly higher ability than most pupils of the same age in one or more areas of the curriculum. Gifted children are those who consistently demonstrate exceptionally high achievement usually expected of children at least 2 years or older in a particular subject. This would be about 1-2% of the population. Talented children are those who perform exceptionally well within the creative arts and sports curriculum. 


Teacher assessments and judgements are made based on a range of Teacher Assessments.

At all times the needs of the children whatever their ability are considered and catered for through differentiation and task. 


The school’s Curriculum Topics, differentiated planning, commitment to visits and use of specialists goes towards meeting the needs of our more able pupils and talented pupils.

Alice MacFarlane

SENCO/Inclusion Manager

Hague Primary School 

0207 739 9574