Learning at Hague

At Hague most learning is planned to be cross curricula based on class themes which are taught over the term.

Each class has a themed topic which may be science, history or geography based. Over the course of a year the class has a balance of subjects. The themes are exciting and designed to ensure that pupils are able to make links to their local environment and the significance of living in London. 


We think of Hague as a school without walls. London is rich with off site learning opportunities so enrichment visits and workshops are integrated each term to inspire and challenge. Pupil Premium Funds are used to ensure all have access to this style of learning. Children have opportunities to shape the learning each term during 'emersion days'.


In addition to the class topics, Hague has whole school themed weeks and days which reflect the school priorites and the local community. Eid, Anti Bullyiing Week, Safer Internet Awareness, Heritage Week, Book Week, Njipanda Tanzania Exchange Week and a range of charity focus days.